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Awan Mulan – A Quiet Retreat

by Hani on March 10, 2015 , 2 comments

Green. In nature, is the colour of grass and leaves. In representation, it is the colour of nature and harmony. And psychologically, it is the colour most restful for the human eye.

Green. In short, is how I would summarise Awan Mulan.

The Drive to Awan Mulan

“Hani! You need to leave now!” said Sharm as the clock ticked 4 in the afternoon.

I had planned to join my friends for a quick weekend getaway in Awan Mulan. They had already checked in and I was to drive myself there as I had not taken the day off. Well…it’s not that far from KL, just over a hundred kilometers away. But Sharm was worried that I would not reach before night fall. A few more shouts followed and I finally left.

After driving for just over an hour, guided by the map sent by the owners (do note that GPS is unreliable to get there), I reached a Chinese school. Owing to the poor phone reception thereafter *eek*, I texted my friends as instructed so that they could unlock the entrance gate.

The darkening sky and the lack of street lighting made me a little trepiditious of the uphill climb. Although the road was narrow and winding, at least it’s tarred which made the drive less daunting.  There was no signage to Awan Mulan, but I was told to follow the signage to Shorea to make sure I was on the right track. Reunited with my girlfriends, I couldn’t wait to start the weekend!

Our Den

As I entered our room, I was awed by the green foliage before my eyes. Our room was basically a three-walled wooden structure with stunning views of the forest. The breeze lightly rustling the leaves. The fresh air. My busy mind (still thinking about work -__- ) relaxed almost immediately. Oh what magic this place was!


Our room was called “Sunrise” – fittingly named as it faces the rising sun. It was a large space with two queen beds, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining, a daybed and a hammock. Sunrise is one of the 7 rooms available on the property with prices ranging from MYR550 to MYR1,800 per night. Want a better deal? Check out the discounts on offer available on their website. A Facebook ‘like’ earns you a 5% discount and off peak bookings will get you 20%! Now, how about that?


“Ada wifi tak?” (Is there wifi?) – that is the golden question for Malaysians. The answer is yes. However reception is rather spotty and not very dependable – all the better for one to commune with nature.


Our Hungry Tummies

Be prepared to bring your own food and groceries as all rooms are self-catered and there are no restaurants nearby. Rooms are equipped with a fridge, microwave, stove, rice cooker, cooking equipment and dining utensils – everything you need to get you cooking. Drinking water is also provided in a plastic tank but it’s good to bring your own bottled water for outdoor activities.

Only breakfast is provided and it will be sent to your room in the morning. We got Nasi Lemak.

Awan Mulan - Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak!

At dusk, as our tummies launched their own orchestras, Sri and Farah got started on the barbeque. Awan Mulan was well equipped with the barbeque pit and its accessories (coal, fire starter, thongs, skewers). The outdoor sink came in particularly useful when we managed to make a mess of all the barbeque marinade.


To complement all that meat, Sue cooked up some nasi goreng kampung (kampung fried rice). This served me nicely as I have perut melayu (this literally translates to ‘malay stomach’ – someone who can’t live without rice).

Awan Mulan - Fried Rice


Let’s Get Active!

Or not…

We could have chosen to go hiking, or visit the nearby waterfall but we decided to be lazy instead – soaking in the very refreshing salt water pools.


L: Sky pool (facing the sunset) R: Jungle pool (facing the forest)

The hammock was put to good use as well.


Perfect for naps!

A visitor

A visitor

A Quiet Retreat

Being enveloped by the greenery throughout the stay brought such calm and peace to my body and mind. It was like taking a chill pill. Time slowed down as the quietness evoked tranquility. Before…I was worried I’d get lost on my drive there. But within minutes of my arrival, I got lost in the serenity that is Awan Mulan and dreaded having to snap back to real life.


xx Hani


Price (*at time of blogpost): MYR550 to MYR1,800 per night

nearby Kampung Baru Pantai, in Negeri Sembilan

Awan Mulan website

HaniAwan Mulan – A Quiet Retreat

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