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Ho Yan Hor Museum, Ipoh

by Sharm on March 12, 2017 , No comments

After we had dumped our bags at M Boutique Hotel and grabbed a quick bite, we decided to head over to the Ho Yan Hor Museum. The fact that it was about tea intrigued us. [Sharm – anything tea related is high on my list!]

The museum shares the story of the founder of the Ho Yan Hor herbal tea business – Dr Ho Kai Cheong and is located in his original home. This small 2-storey museum tells the story of perseverance and family.

So.... we did not manage to take a picture of this striking blue building, so here is a sketch of it. :)

We were given a quick introduction by a member of the staff prior to entering the musuem.

Mulberry leaves are the main ingredient in the herbal tea.

The display at the back of the shophouse shows how the tea was roasted as well as how the kitchen would have been set up

This caption cracked us up! So true about the business though - which started off on foot , then on a bicycle, and then onto bigger and bigger four wheeled vehicles

The displays at the Museum told the story of how the business grew

The story of Dr Ho's perseverance is told well through the various exhibits

Sharm had a quick sit down while waiting for Hani to wander through. There was a documentary playing on the TV. Unfortunately it was in Mandarin!

And then we headed off! At the end of it, the staff serve you a cup of Ho Yan Hor herbal tea

our 2 sen

  • What Sharm liked

    The museum was well curated (unlike many Malaysian museums) and the story of Dr Ho’s life was told in an engaging manner. It offers a view into life in Ipoh during the 1940s.

  • What Hani liked

    I love the well preserved architecture and the bright blue exterior. It felt nostalgic & I developed an admiration for Dr Ho’s hardwork. A free cup was served at the end of the tour & made me realised that herbal tea was actually decently tasty!

SharmHo Yan Hor Museum, Ipoh

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