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Lantern Hotel – Lighting up Chinatown

by Hani on January 15, 2017 , No comments

Chinese lanterns were used to dispel darkness in the ancient world. Even though it is not used in our everyday life nowadays, it is an important representation in the Chinese culture symbolising happiness and brightness.

Nestled in the middle of Chinatown (Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur), the Lantern Hotel perfectly embodies these characteristics in its architecture. The hotel’s exterior is a blanket of bricks & wooden windows, so we were pleasantly surprised by how bright it was on the inside. Natural sunlight floods in through the sun roof which made the space appear open and airy. And it got even better as we stepped out onto the open terrace. It was spacious and had a good view of the bustling Chinatown below.

To get to Lantern Hotel, go through the gates and walk towards the 'middle'.

Spotting Lantern Hotel is fairly easy. Head towards the Hong Leong Bank branch and weave through the stalls located around.

The Lantern Hotel has a rather distinctive exterior of exposed brick.

Corridors are lit and rooms are easily identified.

Rooms are basic but have the facilities one needs for a short stay.

Rooms face either in or out of the hotel. Rooms facing inwards have the benefit of the light coming through the sky roof. This gives the Lantern Hotel a bright and airy feeling.

An indoor courtyard general seating area was where we spent some of our time when we wanted some time outside our room.

The outdoor terrace is a nice place to chill out. From here you have a birds eye view of the goings on in the streets below.

The highlight of the outdoor terrace is the mural by artist Qaisy Jaslenda which depicts Chinatown.

Breakfast is a simple affair - juice, tea / coffee, a selection of fruit, croissants.

While we were there, the hotel had a good occupancy rate.

The indoor courtyard has a blackboard - we made our mark here! :)

our 2 sen

  • What Sharm liked

    The excellent location within Chinatown and easy connectivity (via the Pasar Seni LRT and the buses in the area) to other parts of KL. Also the abundance of local food available in the area.

  • What Hani liked

    How bright and sunny it is indoors because of the sunroof. Also loved hanging out at the open terrace.

  • Sharm would like...

    It was really decent for its price point. This budget boutique hotel delivers on all fronts.

  • Hani would like...

    More choices of halal food. Although I can understand that we were in Chinatown after all. Don’t let this limit yourself from staying here as there is KFC around the corner, Petaling Street is walking distance & it is practically easy to move around to the other parts of the town.

Chinatown/Petaling Street is easily accessible by car or by public transport. Below are some options from the airport.

Airport Taxi – Chinatown

Uber or Grab Car KLIA – Chinatown

KLIA Express/KLIA Transit – KL Sentral (RM55/pax)

Airport Coach KLIA – KL Sentral (RM10/pax)

Skybus KLIA 2 – KL Sentral (RM10.50/pax)

Aerobus KLIA 2 – KL Sentral (RM9/pax)

From KL Sentral take the LRT (Kelana Jaya Line) and stop at the Pasar Seni station

We got the Queen Room With Window for MYR108 including tax, at the time of our booking in October 2016.

(Note: Window is peering inside the hotel NOT outside)

Based on currency exchange as of Feb 2017, this roughly translates to USD24 / EUR23  / GBP20.

HaniLantern Hotel – Lighting up Chinatown

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